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Top aid agency pulls out of Aids programme

Leadin humanitarian aid agency Mdecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is pulling out of one of South Africas most successful Aids treatment programmes. MSF has already reduced its involvement in the antiretroviral therapy (ART) programme in Khayelitsha in the Western Cape.

Perspective: The destructive strings of U.S. aid

KAMPALA, Uganda - As a woman living with HIV, I am often asked whether there will ever be a cure for AIDS. My answer is that there is already a cure. It lies in the strength of women, families and communities, who support and empower each other to break the silence around HIV/AIDS and take control of their sexual lives. I am a mother who has been HIV-positive for 14 years. I abstained until marriage and was faithful to my husband, but still I became infected. At the time, I knew nothing of HIV and felt powerless to discuss condoms or fidelity with my husband. When he died, I had to fight to keep my in-laws from grabbing my property, inheriting me and taking custody of my two children, aged four years and three months.

Nkosi Johnson to receive posthumous award

South Africa's famous child Aids activist Nkosi Johnson, who was born with HIV and died aged 12, will posthumously receive the first KidsRights Foundation's international Children Peace Prize in Rome on Thursday.

Healthcare Financing Course at University of Pretoria in 2005

The course focuses on the financial management of risk pools within medical schemes and managed care organisations in South Africa. Social Health Insurance (SHI) is in the process of being implemented and this will change the way in which medical schemes compete. There is an increasing need for schemes to contact with providers, both private and public, for the delivery of healthcare to their members.

World Health Organisation conference on Nutrition, ICC Durban South Africa

HIV/AIDS is affecting more people in eastern and southern Africa than our fragile health systems can treat, demoralizing more children than our educational systems can inspire, creating more orphans than communities can care for, wasting families and threatening our food systems.