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Solidarity With Developing Nations - At a Cost

As concerns continue to be expressed about the departure of African medical professionals for wealthy countries, South Africa says it is not recruiting health workers from developing nations -- something that also reflects the country's own experience of the medical brain drain.

Preventing Rape Survivors From Becoming AIDS Statistics

NAIROBI, May 22 (IPS) - For women who are victims of rape, recovery from the violation is typically arduous and draining. When they're unable to get treatment to prevent possible HIV infection the process is even more fraught, however -- something Kenya is grappling with.

The Dangerous Profession of Motherhood

LUANDA, Feb 28 (IPS) - Walking into the Angolan capital's main maternity hospital, the first thing that hits any visitor is the stench: a nauseating combination of blood and excrement. After a short while, the stomach settles and the eyes adjust to the poor light in the Maternidade Lucrecia Paim then, the true wretchedness of the grey walls and broken windows begins to sink in. A heavily-pregnant woman wearing a tatty T-shirt full of holes is obviously in a lot of pain. Unable to find relief, she stumbles up and down the corridor, fretfully tying and untying her grubby sarong. She is wearing no underwear and as she leans, exhausted and moaning, against the wall, blood trickles down her legs and onto the floor.