What is needed to 'step up the pace' on HIV prevention and treatment?

'Stepping up the pace', the theme of AIDS 2014, will require a new focus on key populations and geographical concentration of HIV, as well as intensified efforts to expand coverage of HIV testing and treatment, the 20th International AIDS Conference heard on Monday, in Melbourne.
Professor Salim Abdool Karim, director of the Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA), reviewed the global state of the epidemic and treatment access.
Despite impressive progress in scaling up condom use, counselling and testing, medical male circumcision, needle exchange and antiretroviral therapy coverage in low- and middle-income settings over the past decade, 1.5 million people died of HIV-rela

Department of Health embarks on a national study on the health of older persons

South Africa has been selected by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to participate in a ground-breaking household Study on Global Ageing and Adult Health (SAGE), the first of its kind to be conducted in this country.

Children Suffer When Mother Lacks Input, UNICEF Says

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Children are likely to be undernourished in households where women are denied a voice in family decisions like doctor visits, food expenditures and trips to see friends and relatives, says a report by the U.N. Children's Fund, UNICEF, released on Monday.

Health leaders from developing countries commit to launch Health Systems Action Network

Thirty-one (31) health systems leaders from all regions of the world have agreed to launch a Health System Action Network (HSAN) to increase understanding at both the global and country level of the importance of strong health systems to achieve urgent health priorities. HSAN will share what is known across countries by linking health systems leaders through a global network and will provide input to global and donor initiatives so that programmes best serve country priorities.

'Significant progress in MDGs'

Dakar - Significant progress has been made in sub-Saharan Africa toward the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the World Bank said in the third annual edition of its world MDGs follow-up report presented on Wednesday in Dakar.

Rumor, Fear and Fatigue Hinder Final Push to End Polio

BAREILLY, India The cry went up the moment the polio vaccination team was spotted Hide your children!Some families slammed doors on the two volunteers going house to house with polio drops in this teeming city's decrepit maze of lanes, saying that they feared the vaccine would sicken or sterilize their children, or simply that they were fed up with the long drive to eradicate polio. We have a lot of other problems, and you don't care about those, shouted one woman from behind a locked door. All you have is drops. My children get other diseases, and we don't get help.

AIDS hits SA human development rating

SA has edged lower in the United Nations Human Development Index, which tracks indicators including life expectancy, equality of income and education. SA slipped marginally to 120 out of 177 countries surveyed from 119 last year.