Crompton Hospital

Durban man under observation for SARS

The first suspected case of the deadly severe acute respiratory syndrome illness Sars has turned up in Durban. A 30-year-old Durban man is in isolation at the Crompton Hospital in Pinetown after he returned from Vietnam via Singapore on Sunday. All those who have been in contact with him have also opted to be in self-quarantine. The hospital spokesperson,Marietjie Kelly, said the patient's temperature had come down but they want to be absolutely sure that he didn't pick up the disease. She said the patient was in a stable condition and did not pose a danger to others. It is believed that the man who was on a business trip to south east Asia, was taken to hospital yesterday morning. Sars has made its way half way around the world but no case of the disease has been diagnosed in South Africa. (Source: SABC News 7 May 2003)