equitable national health systems

Our Vision, Mission, Approach and Values

Our vision
Health for all through strengthened health systems
Our mission
To be a partner of choice in building comprehensive and equitable health systems
Our approach
Our approach is based on:
  • the primary health care philosophy 
  • generating evidence-based interventions, good practice and innovations 
  • providing management, implementation and research support at all levels of the health system 
  • providing guidance, mentoring and training 
  • recognising the influence of the social determinants of health on the burden of

Annual Report 2008/09

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HST Annual Report
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Health Systems Trust

Message from the CEO

HST remains committed to its mission to contribute to building comprehensive, effective, efficient and equitable national health systems by supporting the implementation of functional health districts in South Africa and the Southern African region.

During the year 2008/09, it was once again an honour and a privilege for HST to be involved in many worthwhile projects.

Equity Gauge - Monitoring health reform progress in South Africa

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Health Systems Trust
The decision to monitor equity in South Africa goes back to a meeting held in Manila during July 1997, supported by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, which brought together a group of about 25 top level South African policy makers and managers with a similar contingent from a number of South East Asian countries. These countries were selected because of their experience in implementing over the past decade, far reaching efforts to establish more equitable national health systems. One of the most crucial discussions that occurred during this meeting focussed on the importance of being able to measure progress towards equity as prerequisite for countries becoming actively involved in placing equity in the forefront of their agenda. The aim of the Equity Gauge is to establish a set of benchmarks by which progress towards equity in health care provision can be monitored over time, and to facilitate its use and application.