Female condom

Developing a Strategy for Female Condom Parallel Programming

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WITS University

Male and female condoms are currently the only effective dual protection methods against unintended pregnancy and the transmission of STIs and HIV.  In recent years, an important development has been the emergence of new FC products, differing in design and materials, that have the potential to lower cost, improve acceptability and increase choice and options for couples who choose to use FCs as their prevention method.  The purpose of this meeting was to develop strategies, recommendations and guidelines for future female condom (FC) parallel programming. This meeting presented an update on FC product technology, shared experiences and plans for FC programming and reviewed current FC programmes and initiatives that will support FC programming more broadly.

HIV prevention gains momentum: Successes in female condom programming

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The report looks at the issue through the prism of national case studies. These pinpoint how a variety of partners have come together, pooling ideas, expertise and resources, to empower women to access female condoms. This is crucial as HIV is the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age worldwide, and in sub-Saharan Africa 60 percent of all people living with HIV are female.