Treatment with misoprostol by midwives is safe and effective

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The Lancet

Incomplete abortion is defined as the presence of retained products of conception with no well-defined gestation sac. It is a potentially life-threatening condition that without well-timed and proper treatment can lead to severe complications such as haemorrhagic shock, sepsis, and death.


A Poor start in life predicts poor life outcomes: Investigating the potential impact of maternity and early child support in South Africa

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WITS University

Appropriate maternity and early child support could give children the best possible start in life, reduce inequities stemming from pregnancy and alleviate family poverty.

Medical abortion

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Nursing Update
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Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa

South Africa currently only provides for medical abortion in the private sector – however, the National Department of Health is finalising guidelines for implementation in the public sector. Given the demand for abortion services by women, the limited accessibility of surgical abortion there is a need to make medical abortion services available. This should address illegalmedical abortion providers currently advertising on lamppostsin public areas and the concerning maternal mortality rates.

How far are we? Assessing the implementation of abortion services: A review of literature and work-in-progress

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Health Systems Trust
This is the first review conducted in South Africa on research addressing the implementation of the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act. A systematic and detailed methodology was undertaken to identify published and on-going research. Of the 86 identified studies, 41 were reviewed, 13 were forthcoming studies, three were published but unavailable, 6 focused on the process of advocacy reform and 23 were excluded as they did not meet the inclusion criteria. A framework developed for the review looked service and community factors affecting access of potential and current abortion service users.