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The Integration of HIV/AIDS Care and Support into Primary Health Care in Gauteng Province

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Health Systems Trust
This study aimed to assess the integration of HIV/AIDS care and support in Gautengs primary health care (PHC) services. With this aim in mind, the research sought to provide answers to three main sets of questions. Firstly, are care and support services for people with HIV/AIDS being provided at PHC clinics, what is the quality of these services, and to what extent are these services being utilised? Secondly, are the inputs (e.g. staff knowledge and attitudes) and support systems (e.g. drug supplies), necessary for good quality, accessible HIV/AIDS care, present in the PHC infrastructure? Thirdly, what if any, systems changes are required to improve the access and quality of PHC services for people living with HIV/AIDS? This research was conducted in collaboration with, and partly funded by, the Gauteng Provincial Department of Health which is in the process of disseminating primary health care clinical guidelines in the Province.