Reproductive justice

Achieving sexual and reproductive health and rights for women and girls through the HIV response

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The case studies that follow, from across sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Europe and Central
Asia, Latin America and North America, highlight the rich diversity of community initiatives that
bridge sexual and reproductive health and rights and HIV. The report has a strategic emphasis
on the innovation that is being led by women living with HIV and features pioneering endeavours
that reflect community and key stakeholder interpretation and understanding of how this
intersection is defined. It profiles initiatives that have emerged from within the HIV sector as it
broadens out to encompass a sexual and reproductive health and rights approach, as well as

Reproductive Health Training Directory

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Health Systems Trust

Over the last decade numerous reproductive health training initiatives have evolved in South Africa, yet there is relatively little communication and co-ordination between these respective initiatives.

This directory aims to provide a comprehensive resource of training initiatives relating to reproductive health that are currently being offered throughout South Africa. The directory will thus serve to:

  • Be a reference point for what reproductive health training is available in the country.
  • Advertise the services of respective training providers at a government, non-government and academic level and
  • Facilitate networking between respective sectors and institutions.

The Health Systems Trust has a commitment to encourage collaboration between respective training providers and minimizing the duplication of work that is available. The production of the directory has been focused on making reproductive health training accessible to as many health care providers and communities as possible by providing the relevant information whilst advertising the wealth of training offered by respective organizations and institutions in the fields of reproductive health.