TB epidemic

Global Tuberculosis Control 2011

Published by: 
World Health Organization

This is the sixteenth global report on tuberculosis (TB) published by WHO in a series that started in 1997. It provides a comprehensive and up-to-date assessment of the TB epidemic and progress in implementing and ļ¬nancing TB prevention, care and control at global, regional and country levels using data reported by 198 countries that account for over 99% of the world’s TB cases.

Tuberculosis Control Program: Implementing Proficiency Testing for TB Smear Microscopy in the Northern Province, South Africa - Guidelines for Provincial or Regional Settings

Published by: 
Health Systems Trust
The main aim of this health systems research was to assess and improve the quality of TB smear microscopy results in a systematic way in the NP, as both false positive or negative results have serious implications. This research was also initiated to pilot the logistics of the proposed proficiency testing initiative for SADC countries (including SA) on behalf of the SATCI Laboratory Task Team (in consultation with the NTCP) in order to identify operational problems and solve them. The Northern Province was chosen as the operational realities approximate that of other SADC countries.