African Union

NEPAD - The New Partnership for Africa's Development

NEPAD is a vision and programme of action for the redevelopment of the African continent that has been conceived and developed by African leaders. It is a comprehensive integrated development plan that addresses key social, economic and political priorities in a coherent and balanced manner. NEPAD aims to promote accelerated growth and sustainable development and eradicate widespread and severe poverty.

Network for Equity in Health in Southern Africa

Equinet seeks to: * Develop and widen the conceptual understanding of equity in health and identify critical areas of work and policy issues in relation to equity in health. * Make visible existing unfair and avoidable inequalities in health.

AU health strategy released

Disability caused by non-communicable disease was growing at an alarming rate and malnutrition was worsening, according to a draft of the Africa Health Strategy 2007 to 2015 released 13 April 2007.

Developing Sustainable African Health Care Delivery Systems for the Millennium

This international symposium is convened by the Medical Research Council of South Africa and the International Medical Exchange, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, the Georgetown University Medical Center and the Africa Telehealth Educational Project. The event will be held at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West near Cape Town. This symposium will address the development of Health Initiatives for the millennium, with a specific focus on the role and impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Africa and with a view to the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD). It will bring together health policy and decision makers such as, Permanent Secretaries, Medical Directors, Ministry of Health representatives and other government officials; health care professionals -physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals; and ICT experts, industry representatives, educators, entrepreneurs, and other professionals, from Africa, Canada, and the U.S.A. The Symposium will examine the role of ICT in, and its impact on, the attainment of the six health objectives of NEPAD by African countries, with particular attention on the development of human resources for health, and will lead to the development of a strategic plan for leveraging advances ICT to assist in building effective health care systems in Africa.


Alpha Conference Centre, Midrand, South Africa
The Southern African network on Equity in Health - EQUINET - is a net- work of institutions in Southern Africa who aim to develop and widen the conceptual understanding of equity in health; gather and analyse information and carry out research to support scientific debates and policy decisions on equity in health in Southern Africa; engage stake- holders in the health sector from regional to community level and in- fluence policies and agendas on health at national and regional level in Southern Africa, including at Southern African Development Community (SADC) level.
In September 2000 EQUINET will be holding a Regional Conference on Equity in Health outside Johannesburg, South Africa. The conference will gather people from research institutions, health policy makers and planners, health system managers, consumer groups and health profes- sional groups under the theme Building Alliances for Equity in Health.
The major theme areas for the conference will be:
* The status of equity in health in Southern Africa
* Macroeconomic policy and health
* Monitoring equity in health and triggers for planning
* Equity in resource allocation for health
* Equity in health service issues (human resources, private public sub- sidies, core services etc)
* Governance and participation in health systems
* AIDS and equity
* Building alliances for Equity in Health
The conference will include a mix of presentations on work and findings on equity in health in southern Africa, and interactive discussion on issues, policy and implementation proposals and research areas and methods arising. The working language of the conference will be Eng- lish. The conference aims also to outline future areas of work on equity in health in southern Africa and propose institutional mechanisms for tak- ing forward this work in Southern African, including through EQUINET. It also aims, through links with policy makers, media and internet to build an increased policy and public profile for equity in health in Southern Africa.
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