Why nurses and teachers leave our shores: Emigration or relocation is no longer merely a white phenomenon.

The demand from developed countries for skilled professionals and trades people - be they nurses, doctors and dentists or tillers and plumbers - knows no skin colour code. Pro-active recruitment agencies and governments, realising their countries are facing a growing skills crisis, are quietly coming to South Africa to drain the country of these precious human resources to satiate demands back home.

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Action for Health in Kakamas 1997/8 : ISDS Technical Report 2a

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Health Systems Trust
This publication is one of four which together form the second technical report of the Initiative for Sub-District Support. This second technical report documents the planning process in each of the four initial sites, namely Kakamas (Northern Cape), Mount Frere (Eastern Cape), Tonga and Shongwe (Mpumalanga) and Underberg/ Pholela/ Impendhle (KwaZulu-Natal).