ProCOR is an electronic informational resource for the prevention of cardiovascular disease in developing countries. ProCOR serves as a gateway to a wide range of resources on preventive cardiology and prevention, providing access to information that is relevant to professionals working in low-resource settings. In addition to offering links to other resources, ProCOR includes a catalog of community cardiovascular studies, key documents, global news, and in-depth commentaries.

Draft UNGASS Report: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Indicators - A case study from South Africa

Published by: 
Health Systems Trust

A workshop was held in July 2007 hosted by MOSAIC at which the participating organisations discussed the identified indicators, refined these and shared research and findings. In collaboration with GESTOS (GESTOS - Soropositividade, Comunicao e Gnero) this forms part of a 16 country process.

Managing the Health Millennium Development Goals - The Challenge of Health Management Strengthening: Lessons from Three Countries

Published by: 
World Health Organization
This study describes various management strengthening activities in three countries - South Africa, Togo and Uganda. Key findings were presented and discussed in a number of fora, including the International Consultation on Strengthening Health Leadership & Management in Low-Income Countries held in February 2007 in Accra, Ghana where 20 low-income countries (LICs) were represented. The discussions clearly showed that all LICs are facing and struggling with very similar issues as those coming out of this study.

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