Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape

The Community Law Centre specialises in democratic values and human rights of South Africa's Constitution, emphasising children's rights, gender,local government and socio-economic rights.

South African Local Government Association

The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) is an organization mandated by the new South African Constitution to assist in the wholesale transformation of local government in South Africa from the pre-1994 regime to the new dispensation under the country's first democratically elected government.

Local Government Project, Community Law Centre

The Local Government Project assists local government to give effect to its constitutional mandate of developmental local government through research, advice, training and advocacy. You can download the Local Government Law Bulletin, papers, submission, manuals and other resources on local government.

The Constitutional Court's Ruling - Media Statement

The Department of Health takes note of the Constitutional Court judgement of 17 August 2006 in the matter between Doctors for Life v/s the National Assembly, NCOP and the Department of Health.

The New constitution and health in South Africa: report of a workshop held by the Transvaal school of public health 13 May 1994

The April 27 elections brought South Africa finally a democratically elected government. With it, the constitution changed to one that had been negotiated over a period of two years between almost all political parties prior to the elections. This new constitution was essentially prepared from a political and juristic perspective and not necessarily from the point of view of optimizing health or health care.