Direct-to-consumer advertising

Implications of Direct to Consumer Advertising

HAI Europe warns against possible impact of DTCA on the European Union and other regions.

Recent proposals to revise the legal framework for medicines in the EU raise concerns for public health and national health budgets, argues HAI Europe. The article “Is the EU edging towards DTCA? Examining the consequences of industry's latest lobby” describes the strong pressure the European Commission is under to relax its rules on advertising prescription medicines directly to consumers in the European Union and the amount of potential profit at stake. It summarises how other regions such as the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Canada are responding to industry pressure on this type of advertising. The story also suggests that moves to allow DTCA in Europe could have huge consequences for consumers in the developing world.

How should South Africa deal with direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising within the context of globalisation and the Internet? HealthLink Position Paper

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Health Systems Trust
Policy analysis can be viewed as a continuum from analysis of policy (how it is determined, what its content is, and monitoring and evaluation of its effect) to analysis for policy (gathering information and advocating a particular policy position). This paper is a policy analysis of current regulatory processes for the control of drug advertising, for the purpose of developing proposals for a new model to be used in South Africa.