East Africa

Mozambique to recruit African doctors

Maputo - Mozambique hopes to recruit 8 000 doctors from other African nations to improve a health-care system battered by one of the continent's worst Aids epidemics, the country's health minister said on Monday.

Mozambique floods: Preventing the spread of diseases among children in the camps

Mozambique, 18 February 2007 UNICEF Health Officer Dr. Felix Ramos is no novice to floods disasters. He was here in 2001, the year when severe floods devastated the central region of Mozambique, leaving thousands of people homeless. And now, he is among the first UNICEF staff to be deployed to the flood-affected areas to respond to the current emergency.

Mozambique to double number receiving AIDS drugs

Mozambique will provide free anti-retroviral AIDS drugs to some 50 000 people by the end of 2006. Mozambique has been hailed by international lenders as a model reformer that has grown its economy at an average rate of 8% over the past decade.