Source - International Information Support Centre

Source is aimed at health workers, researchers, rehabilitation workers, non-governmental and governmental organisations and disabled peoples' organisations worldwide and has a unique collection of over 20,000 health and disability related information resources. These include books, manuals, reports, newsletters, posters, videos, and CD-ROMS. It also links to an increasing number of electronic resources including on-line databases and full-text documents on the Internet.

Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape

The Community Law Centre specialises in democratic values and human rights of South Africa's Constitution, emphasising children's rights, gender,local government and socio-economic rights.

International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

INASP is a cooperative network of partners that was established in 1992. Its mission is to enhance the flow of scientific and scholarly information within and between countries, especially those with less developed systems of publication and dissemination. 'INASP Health Links' is seen to be a short-term contribution to help address the increasing demand in developing and transitional countries for easy access to relevant, reliable health information on the Internet.


POPLINE bibliographic database on population, family planning, and related issues, is now available free of charge on the Internet. All 280,000 citations, representing published and unpublished literature, can be accessed for no charge. Maintained by the Johns Hopkins Population Information Program, Internet POPLINE is updated every two weeks. Approximately 10,000 records are added annually.

MedLine Plus

Health information for the public, including access to the NLM databases like Medline

Arbor Nutrition Guide

Contains a huge collection of nutrition links oriented towards the health professional.

Internet Public Library

Collections of reviewed Internet resources across all topics

South African Medicines Formulary

Excellent publication of the Dept of Pharmacology, UCT. Provides therapeutic information on most drugs registered in South Africa.

An Overview of Health and Health care in South Africa 1994 2010: Priorities, Progress and Prospects for New Gains

Published by: 
Department of Health (South Africa)

This paper describes progress and challenges in efforts to improve the health of South Africans since 1994. It reviews the state of health and the health care system, identifies major accomplishments and shortcomings, and outlines some opportunities for new gains in national health priorities. The purpose of the paper is to help inform discussion of macro health policy and planning by identifying key riorities and opportunities for consideration.

Although restructuring of the public health sector post-1994 achieved substantial improvements in terms of access, rationalisation of health management and more equitable health expenditure, fifteen years later these early gains have been eroded by a greatly increased burden of disease related to HIV/AIDS, generally weak health systems management and low staff morale. The result is poor health outcomes relative to total health expenditure.

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