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Towards a generic surveillance system to measure the impact of Community Health Worker programmes in South Africa: a comparison of paper-based and mobile/cell phone methods

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Health Systems Trust

The emergence of Human Immune Virus (HIV) infections and the Acquired Immune Defi ciency Syndrome (AIDS) epidemic in South Africa accompanied by an upsurge in the number of reported tuberculosis (TB) cases has profoundly altered the nations disease profi le over the last fi fteen years. This resulted in a change in the presentation of health problems and a deterioration of health indicators, i.e. increased mortality- and morbidity rates, with a lowered life expectancy.

These are the drivers of our healthcare inflation

It seems you cannot open a newspaper or financial journal anywhere in the world without finding articles about the unacceptable cost of private healthcare, or the high rate of medical inflation. In South Africa, these articles are embedded with doom and gloom the very survival of the private healthcare system is called into question on a regular occasion.

HST Conference 2007: About the Conference

Strengthening Health Systems in Southern Africa 1992-2007 - HST Conference Report 2007 (2008-05-16)

Since 1992, the Health Systems Trust (HST) has been contributing to the development of a comprehensive, equitable and effective national health system in South Africa. More recently HST has begun to work more widely within the SADC region. Core activities of HST are health systems research, health systems development, advocacy, capacity development and information dissemination.

Stretched health system leaves home care as only alternative

Facilities and staff are being stretched beyond capacity as Swaziland 's public healthcare system buckles under a surge of HIV/AIDS patients, leaving many with home-based care (HBC) as the only alternative, says a new report.

Hospitals without doctors

At least seven hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal have been operating without a doctor for at least two years, deepening the health crisis plaguing the province. Added to this, only 15 of the province's 64 state hospitals can boast doctor vacancy rates of under 50%, and not a single hospital in the province has every one of its doctors' posts filled.

Global Fund risks Medicines without Doctors if it doesnt finance health sector scale-up

A team of international health experts this week warned the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria: fund the salaries of health workers or else risk a situation in which medicines for these three diseases are made available in poor countries but there are no health professionals to deliver them.

VCT Technical Advisor - Mpumalanga Province

Closing date: 26 March 2007
We are seeking to appoint a VCT Technical Advisor for a one year fixed-term contract to support District and Local Service Area (LSA) Management, and primary health care facilities to strengthen VCT services.