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Minister outlines state medical plan

Governments plans to place all its employees on a single medical scheme would increase the states control over the medical benefits it provided to public servants, save money, and help relieve the burden on public hospitals and clinics, Public Service and Administration Minister Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi said yesterday.


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Department of Health (South Africa)
South Africa faces the most intricate human resource challenges characteristic of health systems in many other countries. Ensuring an adequate human resource pool for the staffing of especially the public health sector is a major task that is complicated by many global and disease burden challenges. Even though the private health sector is not experiencing the same pressures to the same degree, maldistribution within this sector is a serious challenge. Developing a human resource plan for health is very high on the agenda of the National Department of Health. It is globally recognized that a focused human resource strategy backed up by an appropriate implementation plan is a critical ingredient of positive change in health care. Success in this area helps create a positive image and an environment conducive for health care to flourish. Equity, efficiency and effectiveness of the health system depend on the two elements a visionary strategy and a focused plan being appropriately developed and implemented.

Annual Report 2003/04

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HST Annual Report
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Health Systems Trust
The 2003/04 year has been yet another challenging and rewarding one for HST. On reflection, it has been a year in which HST has shown its ability to successfully adapt to external changes and demands, while remaining true to its mission, and continuing to expand the role and influence of the organisation in South Africa and the region.

Health care gets a shot in arm from budget

A boost for Cape Town's three central hospitals and to district health services, including the management of tuberculosis and HIV and AIDS, is at the centre of the province's health budget of R5,74-billion.