Knowledge Management and Monitoring

The overall goal of the HealthLink cluster is to disseminate knowledge. This is undertaken through the strategic use, analysis and distribution of health and related information to enhance evidence-based management. HealthLink is also involved in advocacy and equity projects which serve to improve the quality and availability of reliable information and support the implementation of the National Strategic Plan.

Patient View

PatientView aims to provide the public with the information necessary to permit greater choice in healthcare systems, as well as equip healthcare markets with tools to improve patient care.

Global Health Watch

At the World Health Assembly in May 2003, the Peoples Health Movement, together with GEGA and Medact discussed the need for civil society to produce its own alternative World Health Report. It was felt that the WHO reports were inadequate that there was no report that monitored the performance of global health institutions and, that the dominant neo-liberal discourse in public health policy also needed to be challenged by a more people-centred approach that highlights social justice.

International Pharmaceutical Federation

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global federation of national organisations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists dedicated to improving the access to and value of appropriate medicine use, and contributing to changes in science, practice and health policies worldwide.