HIV/AIDS in the People's Republic of China

Planning for HIV/AIDS in Sub-saharan Africa

The workshop focuses on the response to prevention education and the concomitant need to anticipate the medium and long-term social and economic consequences of HIV/AIDS. Contact for more information

Planning for HIV/AIDS: A Policy Research Workshop

This is a workshop for senior level staff from government, donor agencies, the private sector and NGOs who want to learn how to put HIV/AIDS into planning, projects and policy.

International HIV/AIDS Treatment Education and Advocacy Summit

An international coalition of HIV/AIDS organizations and individual advocates are sponsoring a four-day global summit on treatment preparedness in March 2003 in Cape Town, South Africa. Treatment preparedness is a term used to describe HIV/AIDS treatment education and advocacy efforts that are designed to increase access to and demand for HIV/AIDS treatment and prepare communities for safe and effective use of HIV therapies. We are using the trm HIV/AIDS treatment to encompass a broad range of treatment and care interventions, including, but not limited to, treatment of opportunIstic infections and sexually transmitted infections, palliative care, and antiretroviral therapy. The International HIV/AIDS Treatment Education and Advocacy Summit will be a relatively small gathering of approximately 125 people. The primary goal of the meeting is to create a framework for the development, maintenance and enhancement of local and regional treatment preparedness efforts around the world. To learn more about the International HIV/AIDS Treatment Education and Advocacy Summit, please