HIV/AIDS in the People's Republic of China

Botswana Adopts Radical Approach to HIV

GABORONE, Botswana (AP) -- When Botswana first offered free AIDS treatment, health authorities in one of the world's most infected countries braced for a rush of patients. It did not happen. It turned out that most people were so afraid of the deadly disease, and the frequent social ostracism, that they did not want to know if they were infected.

AIDS: The Strategy Is Wrong

Thursday is the 18th annual World AIDS Day, a time for countless statements of concern and commitment from world leaders, thousands of commemorations and remembrances, and reams of statistics. One important article has already appeared on this page, by Jim Yong Kim, the highly respected director of the HIV-AIDS Department of the World Health Organization [Nov. 23].

HIV infects 5,2-million South Africans

CAPE TOWN * An estimated 5,2- million South Africans, or 11% of the population, are infected with HIV, according to figures released yesterday by the Actuarial Society of SA. The epidemic has also driven average life expectancy down to a mere 51 years, which although alarming, is not as low as some other estimates.

Gender Policy Key in Fighting HIV/AIDS

The Women's Leadership Centre (WLC) has called for the full and urgent implementation of the National Gender Policy to ensure that Namibian women enjoy full human rights that would enable them to survive the HIV/AIDS pandemic.