Corruption rife in worldwide health sector: report

Theft, bribery, fraud and extortion are rife in the world healthcare industry, robbing especially the poor of vital care, the sleaze watchdog Transparency International charged. The group also claimed that counterfeit drugs, particularly in developing countries, were responsible for the deaths of thousands of people each year and led to the increased spread of drug-resistant diseases.

Report: 8M with birth defects each year

WASHINGTON - About 8 million children worldwide are born every year with serious birth defects, many of them dying before age 5 in a toll largely hidden from view, the March of Dimes says. Most birth defects occur in poor countries, where babies can languish with problems easily fixed or even prevented in wealthier nations, according to research released Monday by the organization. But the researchers said some innovative programs in Iran and Chile show that effective preventions don't have to be costly.

HIV/AIDS Stigma Conference, 2006

Practical strategies for dealing with the stigma of HIV/AIDS in your organisation

This conference offers you the unique opportunity to network with and learn from diverse contributors such as Mr. David Patient and Neil Orr from Empowerment concepts, Gayle Johnson - Nkosis Haven, Mark Turpin - CARE South Africa Lesotho.

Supercomputers accelerate the search for HIV/Aids cure

South Africa is becoming involved in fighting the HIV/Aids pandemic in a multitude of ways. Thanks to technology, the country is able to harness a wide arsenal of weapons in this fight, and South African researchers are now able to use supercomputers to make use of the knowledge that has been gleaned from the biological building blocks of life, such as genes and proteins, and determine how interactions between these can help to fight the disease, points out Meraka Institute technology research manager Johan Eksteen.

Health Headaches Aplenty in Year Ahead

THIS promises to be another year of controversy, confusion and anxiety for South Africans on the health-care front, as government comes under renewed pressure to deal with its human resource crisis, speed up provision of AIDS drugs and implement a raft of new laws.

HIV poster design competition launched to research messaging mechanics

Calibre Clinical Consultants has launched a design competition open to all interested creative South Africans to design poster-communication vehicles for effective HIV prevention messaging.

SA suffers false sense of security over AIDS

CAPE TOWN * HIV has infected 10,8% of South Africans, a new study by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) has found. The figures broadly support those released earlier this week by the Actuarial Society SA, which said 11,3% of the population was living with HIV, suggesting a more reliable picture of the South African epidemic is emerging.

Statement : Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Violence and HIV/AIDS

25 November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Violence against women is the most pervasive violation of human rights, occurring every day, in every country and every region, regardless of income or level of development.

New, cheap malaria cure for Africa presented

A totally new malaria cure, based on an Asian medicinal herb, is to be presented at a congress in Yaound, Cameroon, on Monday and to the African market in 2006. The medicine, costing just 1 euro per adult patient and 50 cent per child, is described as a tremendous breakthrough that could save millions of lives, by its producers.