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Integrated Regional Information Networks - IRIN

IRIN is a non-commercial venture, but totally dependent on financing from donor governments and/or institutions. Governments, aid workers, disaster specialists, members of the public receive regular reports on a wide array of political, economic and social issues affecting humanitarian efforts. Though essentially serving these groups, IRIN takes an increasingly broad view of what comprises humanitarianism and seeks to cover the full range of humanitarian issues from the abuse of human rights to the environment.

New Plus News radio page in Africa goes live

Plus News has launched a new radio page delivering high-quality audio feature programmes that give a voice to people and communities on the frontline of the AIDS pandemic. The ready-to-broadcast MP3 audio files are free to download. They bear witness to the impact of HIV in southern Africa, particularly on the region's most vulnerable people: its children and women.

AFRICA: New report laments adolescent HIV/AIDS

JOHANNESBURG, 1 Aug 2006 (PLUSNEWS) - Young people in developing countries are in growing danger of HIV infection because of forces beyond their control, an NGO said on Monday.

Men's Union Encourages Men to Be More Open About HIV

A pioneering support group in Uganda is urging men living with HIV/AIDS to own up to their condition rather than putting themselves and their families at risk by staying in denial.

Erratic infant formula supply puts PMTCT at risk

International food and beverage company Nestl is to provide a full report to the South African government on how it is addressing the erratic supply of infant formula to public health facilities.

TANZANIA: Local firm to produce ARVs starting next year

A local Tanzania pharmaceutical company will begin producing generic antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) in mid-2006 from a factory in the northern town of Arusha, an official with the firm announced on Monday.