Public health

ISEqH Fourth International Conference

The International Society for Equity in Health, ISEqH, welcomes those interested in promoting equity in health to share experience and expertise at its Fourth International Conference in Adelaide, Australia, September 11th-13th.

Government paves the way for move to paperless hospitals

THE dog-eared clinic card may one day be little more than a curious historical artefact if government's ambitious plans to overhaul the way patient records are stored is successful. The dream is that one day every South African will have their own smart card containing their entire medical history and current conditions * vital information that could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Global Health Watch: Call for stories and case studies

Participate in the second Global Health Watch, by submitting human interest stories and case studies. We are calling on activists, health workers and academics from around the world to submit case studies and testimonies or stories based on individual or group experiences to supplement the second edition of the report and reinforce its main themes.

Skills Building Sessions Generate Some Useful Lessons

A half-day was set aside at this week's Partnership Forum in Durban for skills building. In ten separate small group sessions, participants shared their experiences concerning what was working well. The following is a summary of some of the lessons learned:

Annual Sexuality Leadership Development Fellowship (SLDF) Programme

The Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Centre (ARSRC) calls for applications to its annual Sexuality Leadership Development Fellowship (SLDF) Programme. The Fellowship is scheduled to take place in Lagos, Nigeria from July 10 - 28, 2006.

Progress timely on some development goals, but lags on others - UN report

Developing countries have made strides in providing access to clean water and schooling, but efforts to achieve other internationally agreed targets to combat extreme poverty and a host other global ills are falling behind schedule, according to a United Nations report released today.