Religion and abortion

Treatment Monitor: Abortion

HIV-positive pregnant women should be told about and referred to, if they request this, abortion services as part of a continuum of care. Currently, only surgical abortions are available; however, medical abortion clinical guidelines are being finalized by the DOH. This should expand options for safe early legal termination of pregnancy; the earlier a pregnancy is terminated, the safer it will be. Medical abortion is generally done in the first 56 days of pregnancy so would assist greatly in reducing costs and the demands on a health facility.

Provisional overall results from abortion values clarification workshop pilot study

The issue of abortion or termination of pregnancy in South Africa has received increasing attention throughout this year culminating in the Choice of Termination of Pregnancy (TOP) Bill which was passed in November 1996.

Pro choice lobby joins court to defend abortion

The Reproductive Rights Alliance (RRA) has been admitted as an amicus curiae - or friend of the court - in a new challenge to the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act by the Christian Lawyers' Association (CLA). This means that when the case is heard in court on July 31, the RRA will be allowed to join the state and introduce arguments to support the state's contention that the CLA's case has no basis in law. The CLA is challenging the right of adolescents under 18 years of age to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. It argues that because the law does not legally require an adolescent to seek the consent of their parents, this is a violation of children's rights. Although the Act encourages minors to seek the counsel of parents, family or friends, it does not compel an adolescent to do so. Having failed to challenge the entire Act, in a legal bid launched in May 1997, the CLA has decided to target provisions in the Act that it finds objectionable. The RRA was a friend of the court in 1998 when the CLA unsuccessfully challenged the constitutional basis of the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act and was instrumental in advocating for its enactment in 1996. (Source: Health-e, 19 July 2001)