Teenage pregnancy figures cause alarm

JOHANNESBURG, 6 March 2007 (IRIN) - Alarming figures released by a South African provincial education department indicate that schoolgirl pregnancies have doubled in the past year, despite a decade of spending on sex education and AIDS awareness.

Adolescent sex and contraceptive experiences: Perspectives of teenagers and clinic nurses in the Northern Province

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Health Systems Trust
Prevention of unwanted adolescent pregnancy through effective contraceptive use is a national health priority. The aim of this research was to contribute towards such improvements in services in the Northern Province through developing in-depth understandings, from the perspectives of teenage women and clinic nurses, of: barriers to effective contraceptive use and how to overcome these teenagers contraceptive-seeking practices teenagers perceptions of methods and side-effects and perceptions of adolescent sexual activity and pregnancy. Qualitative methods were used and the research was conducted around Pietersburg (mainly in semi-rural areas). Thirty-five in-depth, semi-structured interviews and 5 group discussions were held with adolescent women, recruited from clinic waiting-rooms and schools, and nursing staff in 14 clinics were also interviewed.