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DrugInfo is a list to keep health workers at all levels abreast of drug information, developments in drug policy in South Africa and related information such as rational drug prescribing.​


​This list is hosted by the Health and Human Rights Project. The vision of the Project is the establishment of a culture of human rights in health, in a society where human rights are respected, and where the dialectical relationship between health and human rights is explicitly recognised. In terms of this vision, people would be able to achieve their full potential by knowing, articulating and exercising their human rights. The aim of the HHRNET is to promote communication between individuals and groups who wish to participate in the sharing of information and debates relating to health and human rights.


​The purpose of this list is to share experiences and developments in the area of Rehabilitation and Disability, elicit help and opinions from colleagues working in the field and people with disabilities, contribute to the development of indicators that could be included in the health information system and developing a common language and understanding around terms. It is hoped that a summary of the relevant discussions could be used to inform policy at a national/provincial/district level.


The name of this list signifies that southern Africa is responding to a feminised HIV/AIDS epidemic, with at least 60% of those living with HIV being women. Originally informed by discussions among a reference group comprising the AIDS Legal Network, the Democratic Nursing Association of South Africa, Health Systems Trust, Ipas South Africa, the International Community of HIV Positive Women, the Mosaic Healing and Training Centre for Women, OUT LGBT, the Tswaranang Legal Advocacy Centre and WomensNet, the 60percent list provides a platform for knowledge-sharing and dialogue related to women and HIV through a lens of sexual and reproductive health rights along the continuum of prevention, treatment and care.