Antiretroviral Therapy Literacy Project (Archived)

The goal of this project is to promote and strengthen Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) literacy in the clinic catchment areas of sixty-seven clinics which feed into the accredited ART sites in Mpumalanga Province. Funded by Mpumalanga’s Department of Health, the aim of the project is to consolidate capacity of community based organisations (CBOs) for service provision, organisational development of the CBOs and to strengthen governance of CBOs in the province.

An integrated and comprehensive referral system has been established to ensure a coordinated referral system existed within the health sector, and between PHC facilities, and community based organisations (CBOs). To date, a total of 897 clients have been provided with adherence and ART treatment readiness support. In addition, a total of 28 community resource centres (CRCs) have been successfully established and are functional at various project sites. These CRCs ensure easy access to various community health and related services.

The project has also established 940 condom distribution points in the Ehlanzeni District. Since the project’s intervention, a total of 38 clinic catchment areas have food gardens, and 31 active support groups for people living with HIV and AIDS have been established.

A knowledge survey conducted shows that community information on HIV-prevention and transmission, and the use of ARVs, is higher in communities where the project has been in existence.