Capacity Building / Human Resources (Archived)

The Evaluation of the Learning Complexes Project of the Centre for Rural Health at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, is a multi-pronged approach aimed at developing the health facilities in Area 3 of KwaZulu-Natal into learning organisations. The study has entered into the last of its three-year span. The project developed formal and informal learning opportunities for health professionals
in three northern KwaZulu-Natal districts. Sub-projects intervened in specific areas of the health system, such as, neonatal and perinatal care, referral and support systems, HIV (the use of data to inform practice), and the use of information technology to facilitate service provision. A further part of the project was the development of the Centre for Rural Health as a learning organisation itself.
Dr Elizabeth Lutge was responsible for the main formative and summative evaluation, with Dr Irwin Friedman and Ms Sibongile Mkhize assisting with organisational development. The final evaluation report was submitted towards the end of 2008, aiming to comment on the Project in its entirety, and giving a broad overview of its aims and objectives, the methodologies used and the extent to which the Project aims were met.