Project: Women and HIV/AIDS Gauge (WHG) (previously known as the Treatment Monitor)

STATUS: Current (December 2009 – April 2011)
FUNDER/S: Raith Foundation, Open Society Foundation of South Africa, Open Society Institute 
PARTNER/S: National Department of Health, local women’s health experts, Health Systems Trust (implementing agency)
AREA: South Africa: National

The Women and HIV/AIDS Gauge is an inter-unit project within Health Systems Trust.  The project focuses on the impact of HIV and AIDS on women, noting the lack of a sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) approach in addressing prevention, treatment and care in the country. This focus is informed by an acknowledgement that the HIV epidemic is feminized, with most infections infecting and affecting women. The project has a further specific interest and focus on human resources, noting the gendered burden of care.

The purpose of the project is to raise awareness of the importance of comprehensive management of women with respect to HIV and AIDS. The project aims to deliver a set of guidelines to assist health workers to provide better quality care to women.

  • To actively support monitoring and research on access to and quality of care of HIV and AIDS prevention and care services, with a particular focus on gender-related aspects
  • To promote access to information on HIV and AIDS prevention and care services through HST’s knowledge management, communication and advocacy activities
  • To facilitate and support networking between civil society organizations, researchers, government and other key stakeholders to advance the implementation of the National Strategic HIV and AIDS plan
  Jackie Smith
Nombulelo Bomela

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