Strengthening Routine HIV Counselling and Testing (Archived)

This project was designed to improve the quality and uptake of HIV Counselling and Testing (C&T) services by strengthening the capacity of health care providers to implement a routine offer of C&T services. During this reporting period, the focus was on HIV C&T services integration with primary health services.

The objectives of this project include:

  • To enhance the counselling and testing competence in a day to day practice through improved skills.
  • To increase the number of health care providers trained in all aspects of routine offer counselling and testing (PICT).
  • To build-on strategies that will increase TB screening in newly diagnosed HIV Positive clients.
  • To assist facilities to strengthen referral and linkage for further HIV/AIDS support and care.
  • To improve compliance to expected quality standard.
  • To enhance strategies to improve integration of PHC key services to C&T.


  • Building capacity of local health facilities in the design, implemention and evaluation of Counseling & Testing (C&T) services.
  • On-the-job learning through supervision, support and mentoring.
  • Strengthening facilitative supervision.
  • Establishing C&T collaboration at district and facility level.
  • Training of health staff on Routine Counseling & Testing / Provider Initiated Counseling & Testing (RCT/PICT).
  • Improve C&T reporting and recording systems.
  • Linkages with CCMT sites.
  • Monitoring performance on key indicators.
  • Meeting monthly/quarterly at the district to review performance on key indicators.
  • Dissemination of findings and results on a quarterly basis to districts and province.
  • Annual performance audits to asses compliance with national C&T standards.
  • Rapid expansion of services.
  • Increase counselling and materials for both providers and clients/patients.

This project has shown that the integration of HIV-counselling and testing with other PHC services (at supported sites) has improved significantly.