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HST aims to improve health and development through compiling relevant information into a bi-weekly electronic news bulletin distributed to a wide range of readership. It is of interest to health workers, policy makers, journalists, researchers, donor organisations, medical insurance and pharmaceutical companies, civil society organisations and consultants. The topics covered in the bulletin are wide-ranging and aim to inform the reader on the latest news and developments (mainly focusing on Southern Africa) in health legislation, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, inequities in the public, primary health care and rural health care environments as well as to focus on the major diseases such as malaria, TB, and STIs. It features news articles, academic and peer reviewed articles, latest research publications and reports, events and job opportunities.

Averaging six to eight pages of concise yet informative articles, with hyperlinks to the full story, it gives a quick yet informative glance at the issues occurring in, or affecting health systems in Southern Africa. Currently about 2000 subscribers receive an issue every second Friday.

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