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Third Global Symposium on HSR – People-centredness in complex health systems: Dimensions and practices
Health Systems Trust | 1 October 2014
Third Global Symposium on HSR: Official Opening plenary session
Health Systems Trust | 1 October 2014
Third Global Symposium on HSR: Improving the quality of and access to material and child health services
Health Systems Trust | 1 October 2014
  Concurrent session – 1 October 2014: Improving the quality of and access to material and child health services   In the session ‘Improving the quality of and access to maternal and child health services', Elize Levendal of Health Systems Trust presented a qualitative study on community dialogues as a capacity-strengthening and research tool for health workers.   The aim of the study was to look at reasons for poor utilisation of M
HST presence at the Third Global Symposium on HSR
Health Systems Trust | 1 October 2014
  HST is playing a highly significant role in the organisation of, scientific contribution to and content dissemination from the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (HSR 2014) being held in Cape Town from 30 September to 3 October 2014.   The Symposium theme is the science and practice of people-centred health systems, enabling participants to address current and critical concerns of relevance across all parts of the world.
Third Global Symposium on HSR – Governance and health in Africa: Pan-African perspectives on state stewardship for people’s health
Health Systems Trust | 30 September 2014
  Welcoming Plenary Session Chair Sisonke Msimang – writer and activist in the terrain of HIV, gender, democracy and governance – distilled key outtakes from the facilitated conversation on structural and rights-based health delivery in Africa as: Pro-poor social policies tend to serve social needs poorly – we should confront our language around these issues to articulate the true effects of policies. Thinking about people’s health rights should be...
Health systems innovation is the path to better health
Mail&Guardian | 26 September 2014
"New health discoveries are often not immediately accessible or affordable to the average individual, particularly in low and middle-income countries."   When we think of health innovations, we are often drawn to images of scientists in laboratories making ground-breaking discoveries – inventing state-of-the-art equipment using a highly sophisticated computerised system, or formulating a revolutionary new drug or treatment.    While the publicity and...
info4africa and Always Active release health information app
info4africa | 19 September 2014
  National referral network info4africa releases mobile database App in collaboration with Always Active Technologies (AAT) and Geekulcha   info4africa, the national health and wellbeing referral network, has added an Android App to their bouquet of services, making the finding of health and wellbeing service providers in South Africa that much simpler.   Developed at a Geekulcha hackathon held in June, a small development team, headed up by Diamond Mubaarak,...
DA will ‘oppose medical bill’s plans to commercialise cannabis’
BDlive | 18 September 2014
The Medical Innovation Bill ran into its first hurdle on Wednesday, with Democratic Alliance (DA) shadow health minister Wilmot James saying that his party would not support its proposals to legalise the commercialisation of cannabis.   The bill seeks to legalise dagga for medical, commercial and industrial purposes, and proposes that a medical practitioner working at a pilot health centre be allowed to administer unproven treatments without fear of litigation.   While the...
Traditional healing: Modern medicine's friend or foe?
The Guardian | 17 September 2014
Despite scepticism, WHO has legitimised acupuncture and ayurveda. Is it time public health woke up to their potential?   Arvind Singh came to Barefoot Acupuncturists in Mumbai’s Vijay Nagar slum to find relief from debilitating low-back pain. His chronic suffering forced him to leave his job as a security guard, eliminating the family’s sole income. “We went for x-rays, CT scans and blood tests, but no one could give us a diagnosis,” says his wife, Anita....
Third Global Symposium on HSR – Media Release: People-centred health systems will be the heart of dialogues at the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research.
Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research | 17 September 2014
  MEDIA RELEASE For immediate comment   People-centred health systems will be the heart of dialogues
New role for Durban’s McCord Hospital as specialist eye centre
BDlive | 9 September 2014
Durban's McCord Hospital is to be turned into a specialist eye hospital, expected to perform at least 40 eye operations a day, from next month.   This comes after the KwaZulu-Natal health department took over the running of the 104-year-old owned institution, which had been on the verge of financial collapse.   The acquisition was completed in February when staff and assets were absorbed into the public sector.   The institution will now be known as the...
Paper: The broken thread – Primary health care, social justice and the dignity of the health worker
Health-e News | 2 September 2014
This 17-page public position paper was recently presented at a 1 September Wiser lecture by Section27 Executive Director Mark Heywood.   The paper argues that the heart of the health systems crisis currently being experienced in South Africa is an acute shortage of health workers and the deteriorating conditions under which they are employed.   Unless a plan and adequate budget to rectify this social injustice is seen as the Department of Health’s first priority the...