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Nursing SA back to health
Mail & Guardian | 8 January 2016
Sixteen years ago, Thabo Mbeki, then president, shocked the world with his Aids denialism. It has taken the same amount of time for the world Aids conference to return to this country. The health ministry is expected to roll out antiretrovirals (ARVs) for all and the much-vaunted National Health Insurance (NHI) stumbles along. Oh, and Banting-diet guru Tim Noakes is in the dogbox for trying to persuade a mother to put her baby on his low-carb diet. Yes, 2016 has got something for just about...
Long-awaited autonomy in sight for SA's doctors
South African Medical Journal | 8 January 2016
The long-awaited extraction of doctors - and possibly dentists - from the dysfunctional and shockingly administered Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), the defiant leadership of which face the sack, will not lack a helping hand from the country's largest doctor body.
HPCSA ignores recommendations of ministerial task team
Mail & Guardian | 6 January 2016
The "dysfunctional" Health Professions Council of South Africa will not act immediately on recommendations made by Aaron Motsoaledi's task team. The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) says recommendations put forth by a ministerial task team, which would amount to a complete overhaul of the “dysfunctional” organisation, are “advices or proposals and therefore not binding”.   Last year, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi set up a...
Community health workers demand more pay
Health-e News | 4 January 2016
Hundreds of Gauteng community health workers recently protested outside Gauteng Department of Health offices to demand stipend increases, annual leave and permanent employment. We are here to demand an (increase),” said community health worker Sarah Ramafalo. “We are asking for at least R1,500.” Regina Luthuli has been a community health worker for 13 years and has spent the bulk of her career as a home-based care worker. She now works at Soweto’s Mofolo Clinic...
Breast milk banks tackle high infant mortality in SA
BDlive | 3 January 2016
Patrick, a premature baby weighing a minuscule 1.2 kilos, was "saved" by a breast milk bank in South Africa, where child mortality is high despite being the continent’s most developed economy. "It was a question of life and death because of the fact he could not go on formula," said his 39-year-old mother Annerleigh Bartlett. "There was no way. He was too little." Ms Bartlett, from Cape Town, wasn’t producing her own milk yet, and the formula can...
Call for Contributions: High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines
United Nations | 28 December 2015
The United Nations Secretary-General is calling for contributions by interested stakeholders that  address the policy incoherence in relation to the rights of inventors, international human rights law, trade rules, and public health objectives including increased access to medicines, vaccines, diagnostics and medical devices ('health technologies'). In accordance with Sustainable Development Goal 3, and the integrated nature of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,...
Healthtalk: State of SA’s Healthcare
SABC | 26 December 2015
Studio discussion featuring Dr Themba Moeti  of Health Sytems Trust, Dr Flavia Senkubuge of Africa Federation of Public Health Associations, and Sasha Stevenson of Section 27, covering the challenges within and possible solutions to South Africa’s public health system.
Private Hospitals: Demand in neglected areas
Financial Mail | 17 December 2015
While SA’s dominant hospital groups venture offshore into more developed markets, smaller groups are making inroads into non metropolitan areas in SA — disproving the notion that the local market is saturated. The big three — Life Healthcare, Mediclinic and Netcare — seem attracted to expansion in destinations such as India, the Middle East, Europe and the UK. Domestic regulatory pressures have contributed to making them look for further opportunities aboard; the...
EDITORIAL: No remedy in NHI white paper
BDlive | 17 December 2015
Had it been released on any other day, the new White Paper on the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) system might have made much bigger headlines, and led to much louder cries of outrage. The release last Friday paled into relative insignificance on one of the worst days yet on SA’s financial markets, and coverage of the report was fairly muted. Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi got off quite lightly for releasing a white paper that at best is disappointing given that it has...
2016 EPHPA Award
HST | 14 December 2015
The South African Health Review’s Emerging Public Health Practitioner Award (EPHPA) is open to young public health practitioners or student researchers in the fields of health sciences, medicine or public health.  Individuals seeking to publish a paper dealing with public health policy development or implementation in a respected and widely read South African peer-reviewed journalare encouraged to apply. The South African Health Review’s Emerging Public Health...
Motsoaledi: We haven't identified a source of funding for the NHI
Mail & Guardian | 12 December 2015
The National Health Insurance white paper does not stipulate how the scheme will get funded; it only provides five possible scenarios. Taking part in the National Health Insurance scheme (NHI) is going to be mandatory, not voluntary like belonging to a medical aid, said Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi at the release of the long-awaited National Health Insurance (NHI) white paper on Friday in Pretoria.   “Population coverage under NHI will ensure that all South Africans...
NHI White Paper
National Department of Health | 11 December 2015
Media comment following the release was focused on the five funding options outlined in the document, but there is no clear indication as to which financing mechanism would likely be introduced.  Radical changes to medical aids would result in private schemes only being able to provide 'top-up cover' for medical treatments not available on the NHI.  The document proposes a three-phase implementation over the next 14 years. Click the link below to view the White...