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Budget Vote speech
Department of Health | 10 May 2016
Madam Speaker/Deputy Speaker/House Chairperson  My Colleague Deputy Minister of Health, Dr Joe Phaahla  Cabinet Colleagues  Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Health, Honourable Lindelwa Dunjwa and  Honourable Members of the Portfolio Committee on Health  Honourable Members  Representatives of UN agencies  Representatives of development agencies and Donor Partners  Distinguished guests  Ladies and Gentlemen Good Morning! It is a great...
SA still has a way to go in healthcare legislation
Bizcommunity | 9 May 2016
Despite the considerable progress made to deliver quality healthcare to all South Africans, the country's medical policies and legislation are still being hamstrung by red tape. In the 19th edition of the South African Health Review (published by Health Systems Trust), Andy Gray and Professor Yousuf Vawda from the University of KwaZulu-Natal unpick what’s really happening in terms of South Africa’s healthcare laws. NHI White Paper
Sex work, migration and HIV: South Africa’s health system can – and should – take a lead
Migration and Health Project | 9 May 2016
Last week saw the launch of the South African Health Review (SAHR) 2016 edition at the Health Systems Trust Conference in Johannesburg. The conference convened around 300 healthcare workers, policy- and decision-makers, civil society groupings and academics in a bid to strengthen South Africa’s efforts towards the global public health agenda.
Sloppy work hinders our healing
TimesLive | 9 May 2016
Wits public health professor and former Gauteng MEC of health Laetitia Rispel has written about why South Africa's health system underperforms despite the country spending 8% of its gross domestic product on health. Rispel's research was published in the 2016 edition of the SA Health Review. South Africa's spending on health compares with that of Brazil, but with less favourable results and fewer health workers. While Rispel praises the health minister as "charismatic...
Health-E News: SA’s looming water crisis – the less we have, the dirtier it is
Daily Maverick | 8 May 2016
A swim in a lagoon on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast cost historian RW Johnson his leg in 2009. Flesh-eating bacteria entered a cut on his foot, causing necrotising fasciitis – a terrifying condition in which bacteria poison the connective fascia tissue at a rapid rate. The condition kills at least half of all those it infects. Peter Breedt, a Durban doctor, also suffered from necrotising fasciitis after surf-skiing off Durban’s beaches in 2012. He reported that the water was...
One year into the Zika outbreak: How an obscure disease became a global health emergency
World Health Organization | 5 May 2016
In early February 2015, doctors in the impoverished north eastern part of Brazil noticed a surge in the number of people complaining about a mild illness, with and without fever, characterized by rash, fatigue, joint pains, and red eyes. The illness was brief and recovery was spontaneous. A mild form of dengue, a mosquito-borne disease hyperendemic throughout the country, was initially suspected, but tests were negative in the vast majority of samples. Chikungunya, another mosquito-borne...
HIV/AIDS schemes need more money
BDlive | 5 May 2016
Increasing the HIV/AIDS budget in the current fiscal climate will be tough, but worth it in the long run, according to research published in the latest edition of the South African Health Review. SA has the world’s largest HIV burden, with between 6.4-million and 6.8-million people infected with the disease. By December last year, 3.26-million of those with the disease were on treatment. The expansion of this treatment programme by about half a million people a year has required an...
KZN Health’s R452m sick leave bill
Daily News/IoL | 5 May 2016
Durban - An alarming number of state health workers in KwaZulu-Natal are reporting in “too sick to work” - with absenteeism costing the province’s Health Department R452 million in one year alone. This is according to the Health Systems Trust (HST), a respected NGO specialising in monitoring and research, in its annual review of the country’s health systems, released on Wednesday night. It spoke of a crisis of ineffective health management in South Africa, painted...
Many ills of the public health sector
IOL | 5 May 2016
There is a human resource crisis in care that is driven partly by the government's tolerance of incompetent staff, according to the Health Systems Trust’s SA Health Review 2016. Kerry Cullinan reports You are least likely to see a dentist or a doctor in North West’s public sector health facilities, which has the lowest rates of both in the country. While there is a dire shortage of dentists in the public sector with about 1 100 practising throughout South Africa, the...
Report: South African Health Review 2016
Health-e News | 4 May 2016
In a forward by authors, the review notes that its 20 chapters largely reflect current trends in the global health and development agenda, including focuses on universal healthcare as well as good governance. The 369-page report is divided into four themes, namely leadership and governance, human resources for health, service delivery and information.
SAHR Media Release
HST | 4 May 2016
The 19th edition of the SAHR was launched at the HST conference in Gauteng on 4 May 2016 where diverse stakeholders in all tiers of the public and private health sector are gathered to discuss how to improve health outcomes in South Africa, especially in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals. Some of the key findings and conclusions of the Review include:
Final HST Conference programme
HST | 29 April 2016
Please click here to download the final HST conference programme