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Finance commission seeks clarity on NHI fiscal effects across government levels
BDlive | 6 April 2016
The Finance and Fiscal Commission (FFC) told Parliament on Wednesday that it expects to meet Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi shortly to discuss the effect of the National Health Insurance (NHI) white paper on intergovernmental fiscal relations. The FFC is a constitutional body charged with overseeing the financial arrangements between different spheres of government. In terms of the constitution, the responsibility for delivering health services is shared between the different spheres of...
Statement: Registration of Unqualified but Experienced Dental Assistants
Health-e News | 31 March 2016
The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has submitted recommendations to Minister of Health Dr Aaron Motsoaledi regarding the registration of dental assistants. According to the HPCSA statement, the health professionals body has recommended that experienced, unqualified dental hygienists be allowed to register over a two-year period during which they must complete a professional board examination. The body further states that these examinations will be offered four times...
Delamanid clinical access programme expected
Health-e News | 29 March 2016
The South African National Department of Health is expected to roll out a clinical access programme to allow drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) patients access to the new drug Delamanid. According to Director of the Department of Health’s DR-TB, TB and HIV division Dr Norbert Ndjeka, the department is currently in talks with Japanese drug maker Otsuka Pharmaceutical to negotiate access to Otsuka’s DR-TB drug delamanid for what will initially be a small number of patients as...
Conference Delegates' Sponsorship and Conference Day Rate
HST | 29 March 2016
HST is pleased to make available a limited number of bursaries to qualifying applicants to attend the HST Conference, as well as a day rate for self-funding delegates who wish to attend for one day only. Following feedback from some prospective delegates, HST is pleased to make available the following two options to enable as many delegates as possible to participate in this exciting event. 1. Bursaries
In Good Faith: Is this healthy competition?
Financial Mail | 24 March 2016
While SA tries to find the best way of handling medical costs for its people, a major dispute on medical aid fees has been thrashed out in court in neighbouring Namibia, which faces a similar problem. That country's high court has handed down a judgment that could result in big changes to the way medical aid funds work. The decision is part of a long-running dispute between Namibia's medical aid funds (Namaf) and the Namibian competition commission After an investigation lasting a...
Inquiry hears of huge gaps in healthcare regulation
BDlive | 22 March 2016
Barely a month into public hearings, the Competition Commission's Healthcare Market Inquiry has revealed gaping holes in the regulation of private healthcare, raising tough questions about the Department of Health's capacity to create an enabling environment for business while protecting consumers' rights. The inquiry was established to determine why private healthcare price rises consistently exceed inflation, and to assess whether there are barriers to competition and patient...
SA testing anti-HIV vaccine
Times Live | 17 March 2016
Scientists will know in May if they can test it on 7000 people, said investigator Professor Glenda Gray, president of the SA Medical Research Council. The vaccine - the only one shown to be reasonably effective against HIV after 30 years of research - is being tested on 100 people in this country. It is designed to activate the immune system to fight the virus. The results of the test will be known in May. If the vaccine proves to be effective, regulators will give the go-ahead for a...
Hospital watchdog lacks power to enforce standards
BDlive | 17 March 2016
BABIES sharing incubators and sedated patients left lying unattended on the floors were among grim findings made by the Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC), which on Wednesday told Parliament it lacked the legal muscle to force public hospitals and clinics to up their game. The OHSC was established three years ago, but until Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi promulgates regulations for the norms and standards hospitals and clinics must meet, it cannot take firm action against...
Report on the South African Health Monitoring Survey: An Integrated Biological and Behavioural Survey among Female Sex Workers, South Africa 2013 - 2014
Health-e News | 16 March 2016
Conducted on behalf of South African National Department of Health, the study found an HIV prevalence rates of as high as about 72 per cent among the country’s female sex workers.  Conducted between July 2013 and February 2014, the study looked at not only HIV prevalence rates but also HIV risk factors among almost 2,200 female sex workers in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Sex workers in Johannesburg had the highest HIV prevalence rates at about 72 percent followed by Durban...
5 things you should know about HIV pre-exposure
Health-e News | 15 March 2016
South Africa has just announced that thousands of HIV-negative sex workers will be eligible to receive antiretrovirals (ARV) to help prevent them from becoming infected with HIV. Here are five things you should know about HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis.
Antibiotics becoming ineffective at treating some child infections
The Guardian | 15 March 2016
Children are becoming powerless to fight off common infections because antibiotics they take are unable to kill the bacteria involved, experts warn. New research shows that overuse of antibiotics by children is to blame for bugs becoming drug-resistant for up to six months at a time in cases of urinary tract infections (UTI) caused by E coli.
Op-Ed: Coming to the aid of sex workers
Daily Maverick | 13 March 2016
In the same week that former President Thabo Mbeki stirred emotions with his weekly letter 'seeking to clarify' his views on HIV and AIDS, South Africa launched the national sex worker HIV plan aimed at arresting runaway infection rates in this vulnerable sector of our population.