Annual National Health Statistics

Project description
One of the key performance areas of the National Department of Health (NDoH) is to publish a regular report containing key health indicators. Together with key external contributors, HST has been commissioned by the NDoH to produce an Annual National Health Statistics publication in electronic format which will serve as authoritative resource on national health statistics. These data comprehensively reflect service delivery and are disaggregated into national, provincial, district and sub-district levels. This requires in-depth mining of the available health statistics, as well as packaging and presenting them in an informative and accessible manner.
Project objectives
  • To collect, validate, analyse and present an agreed list of health indicators in a publication.
  • To ensure sustainability of this output by developing a database, creating data collection tools, and building capacity within the NDoH
Funder National Department of Health
Partner National Department of Health
Project team members
Project Director: Thesandree Padayachee 
Project Manager and Researcher: Robynn Paulsen 
Consultants: Candy Day, Muchiri Wandai, Annette Gerritsen, Patricia McCracken
Status Current

For further information, contact the Project Manager, Robynn Paulsen, at

Updated: August 2015