Assessing Patient’s Experiences of Care in Primary Health Care Facilities in South Africa

Name of the Project:    

Assessing Patient’s Experiences of Care in Primary Health Care Facilities in South Africa

Description of the Project:          

The National Department of Health (NDoH) has commissioned this study. As a priority project of the NDoH, the survey will be conducted in selected public sector primary health care facilities, in all 52 health districts in South Africa and data collection will be over a period of thirteen weeks from January to May 2017. The aim of the study is to determine the experiences of care amongst patients accessing public sector health facilities through the administration of a Patient Experience of Care (PEC) survey in selected facilities across the nine provinces of South Africa. For the purposes of fast tracking the overall implementation of the patient experiences of care survey as stated in the current Annual Performance Plans, participation is required from 169 selected health facilities in the country.  In each province, the fieldwork will be carried out by two teams of three fieldworkers per team and two (2) instruments are used for interviews with the health facility manager and 25 to 45 patients  (depending on the daily patient workload) accessing health services at selected study facilities on the day of the survey. Survey instruments will be tested or piloted in 68 health facilities that are excluded from the larger study including the facility managers and 10 patients in each facility. Each selected facility will be visited once. Ethical approval for the study has been obtained from the University of the Cape Town, Medical Faculty Research Ethics Committee, HREC 613/2016. Approvals from all Provincial Health Research Committees are being sought.

Objectives of the Project:

  • To determine the experiences of care in patients accessing public health facilities.
  • To identify the key factors of patient experiences
  • To make recommendations to address the identified gaps in patient experiences of care


National Department of Health (NDoH)


Project Director:                                             René English

Project Manager/Senior Researcher:       Nandipha Jacobs

Research Assistant:                                      Algernon Africa

Researcher:                                                     Robynn Paulsen

Status:                                                                Current


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