Conduct a Rapid Assessment for the estimated Burden of Disease for Vhembe Health District

STATUS: Current (October 2014 - March 2015)
FUNDER: Limpopo Department of Health
PARTNERS: Epi Result, Limpopo
AREA: Vhembe District in Limpopo Province
DESCRIPTION: The project will encompass a cross-sectional, descriptive study utilising a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods.


To compile an estimated burden of disease (BOD) report with specific recommendation on how to institutionalise the collection of data to support the production of an annual BOD report and recommend possible measures for rolling out the BOD project to other districts in the coming years and recommendations to institutionalise the Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) for Vhembe district and possible measures for the roll out to other districts as well.
Programme Director René English
Programme Manager Thesandree Padayachee
Project Manager Naomi Massyn

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Updated: February 2015