Developing an Appropriate Model for Strengthening the District Health System in the Eden District

STATUS: Current (January 2013 – May 2013)
FUNDER/S: Western Cape Department of Health
AREA: Eden district in the Western Cape Province
DESCRIPTION: The project intends to develop an appropriate model for strengthening the district health system in the Eden District through identifying best practices, for Human Resource Management, Finance and Supply Chain Management functions within the district.
OBJECTIVES: The objectives are to determine the best practices and models in terms of delegations and functions needed within Human Resources, Finance and Supply Chain Management at a rural district level and to develop an appropriate model to strengthen the governance and critical support functions in the district
Project Director Rene English (contact: or by phone, +27 21 7620700)
Project Manager Naomi Massyn

Updated: January 2013

For further information contact the Project Manager, Naomi Massyn, at