Development and application of benchmarks for budgeting of non-negotiable goods and services for provincial departments of health

STATUS: Final deliverables delivered to Treasury Department on 20/03/2014. Project closed.
FUNDER/S: The Belgian Development Agency
PARTNER/S: National Treasury of the Republic of South Africa (RSA) and Health System Trust (HST)
AREA: South Africa: All nine provinces
DESCRIPTION: In an effort to strengthen the PHC approach in South Africa to realize the outputs of the Department of Health’s (DoH) Negotiated Service Delivery Agreement (NSDA) and to meet its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), South African Government is re-engineering the health system to one that is based on a PHC approach, with more emphasis on promotive and preventive healthcare, as well as implementing National Health Insurance commonly referred to as NHI which aims to ensure that everyone has access to appropriate, efficient and quality health services. The NHI is intended to bring about reform that will improve service provision through ensuring that everyone has access to appropriate, efficient and quality health services. This will entail major changes in the service delivery structures, administrative and management systems.
This project aims to benchmark budgeting for non-negotiable goods and services is part of a range of projects funded by BTC to support National Treasury in costing and budgeting for NHI.
  • To conduct a cross-provincial analysis of health department budgets and determine quantitative benchmarks on non-negotiable goods and services items.
  • To provide a detailed summary of optimal benchmarks and/or norms and standards for each non-negotiable item for each province (per PDE and per capita)
Project Director René English (contact: or by phone, +27 21 7620700)
Project Manager Sanet Klaasen
Facilitator Candy Day, Emmanuelle Daviaud
Technical Advisor Diane McIntyre
Researcher Sanet Klaasen

For further information contact the Project Manager, Sanet Klaasen at

Updated: September 2014