The District Health Barometer 2010/11

Day C, Barron P, Massyn N, Padarath A, English R, editors
Publication Year: 
South Africa
Published by: 
Health Systems Trust

The District Health Barometer's goal is to improve the quality of and access to primary health care services, by monitoring and measuring important performance indicators of the health system at district level.

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Authors and Acknowledgements

List of Abbreviations / Acronyms

Foreword Introduction and Overview

Section A: Indicator Comparison by District

1 Input indicators  

1.1 Total PHC expenditure per capita

1.2 PHC (non-hospital) expenditure per capita 

1.3 PHC (non-hospital) expenditure per patient visit  

1.4 Proportion of district health services expenditure on district management  

1.5 Proportion of district health services expenditure on district hospitals  

1.6 Expenditure by main items  

1.7 Expenditure per patient day equivalent

2 Process indicators

2.1 Usable bed utilisation rate  

2.2 Average length of stay  

2.3 Fixed PHC facilities with monthly supervisory visits rate

3 Output indicators

3.1 Immunisation

3.1.1 Immunisation coverage under 1 year

3.1.2 Measles 1st and 2nd dose coverage

3.1.3 Rotavirus 1st dose coverage

3.2 Caesarean section rate  

3.3 Male condom distribution rate  

3.4 PMTCT indicators  (2 Mb)

3.4.1 Proportion of antenatal clients tested for HIV  

3.4.2 HIV prevalence amongst antenatal clients tested  

3.4.3 Early infant HIV diagnosis coverage  

3.4.4 Proportion of PCR tests which are HIV positive for infants under two months of age 

3.5 Primary health care utilisation rate  

3.6 Chronic Care  

3.6.1 Diabetes detection rate  

3.6.2 Hypertension detection rate  

4 Outcome indicators  

4.1 Incidence of sexually transmitted infections  

4.2 Tuberculosis  (1.5 Mb)

4.2.1 Reported cases of TB per 100 000 population - all types of TB  

4.2.2 TB smear conversion rate - new smear positive  

4.2.3 TB cure rate ñ new smear positive  

4.2.4 TB defaulter rate ñ new smear positive  

4.2.5 Proportion of new HIV-positive patients screened for TB  

4.2.6 Proportion of new HIV-positive patients diagnosed with TB  

4.3 Delivery rate in facility  

4.4 Delivery rate in facility under 18 years

4.5 Diarrhoea incidence under 5 years  

4.6 Severe malnutrition under 5 years incidence  

5 Impact indictors  

5.1 Stillbirth rate  

5.2 Perinatal mortality rate  

5.3 Facility crude death rate  

5.4 Burden of disease  (3.5 Mb)

6 Socio-economic indicators and equity  

6.1 The Deprivation Index  

6.2 The South African Index of Multiple Deprivation 2007  

6.3 The Deprivation Index and the South African Index of Multiple Deprivation 2007  

6.4 Equity: monitoring the gap between the most and least deprived districts  

Section B: National, Provincial and District Profiles  

Map of 52 districts in South Africa as per 2006-2010 demarcation  

Map of 52 districts in South Africa as per 2011 demarcation  

South Africa  

Eastern Cape  

Free State  





Northern Cape  

North West  

Western Cape  

Definitions and Sources

DHB 2010/11 Data FIle - xls file (1.1 Mb)