District Health Barometer 2011/12

Massyn N, Day C, Barron P, Haynes R, English R, Padarath A
Publication Year: 
South Africa
Published by: 
Health Systems Trust

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Authors and Acknowledgements

List of Abbreviations / Acronyms

Foreword Introduction and Overview

Part A: Indicator Comparisons per programme by District

1 Finance

1.1 PHC expenditure per capita (uninsured person)
1.2 Total district per capita expenditure on District Health Services (uninsured)
1.3 Expenditure per PHC headcount
1.4 Proportion of district health services expenditure spent on District Management
1.5 Proportion of district health services expenditure spent on District Hospitals
1.6 Proportion of district health services expenditure spent on PHC

2. Management

2.1 Utilisation rate – PHC
2.2 Utilisation rate under 5 years – PHC
2.3 PHC fixed facility supervisory rate

3 Hospital services

3.1 Usable bed utilisation rate
3.2 Average length of stay
3.3 Usable beds per 1 000 uninsured population
3.4 Expenditure per patient day equivalent

4 Child health

4.1 Vitamin A coverage 12 to 59 months
4.2 Diarrhoea incidence under 5 years
4.3 Stillbirth rate
4.4 Early neonatal mortality rate in facility
4.5 Facility under-1 mortality rate

4.6 Facility under-5 mortality rate

5 Immunisation

5.1 Immunisation coverage under 1 year
5.2 Measles 1st dose under 1 year coverage
5.3 Measles 1st to 2nd dose drop-out rate
5.4 Rotavirus 2nd dose coverage
5.5 Pneumococcal vaccine 3rd dose coverage

6 Maternal health

6.1 Maternal mortality ratio
6.2 Delivery rate in facility under 18 years
6.3 Caesarean section rate

7 Reproductive health

7.1 Male condom distribution rate
7.2 Couple year protection rate
7.3 Cervical cancer screening coverage
7.4 Antenatal visits before 20 weeks rate

8 Tuberculosis control

8.1 TB two-month smear conversion rate
8.2 New smear-positive TB cure rate
8.3 New smear positive TB defaulter rate

9 HIV and AIDS

9.1 HIV testing rate (excluding antenatal)
9.2 Antenatal client HIV 1st test rate
9.3 Antenatal client HIV 1st test positive rate
9.4 HIV prevalence among antenatal clients tested
9.5 Antenatal client initiated on HAART rate
9.6 Baby initiated on HAART under 18 months rate
9.7 Early infant HIV diagnosis coverage/Baby PCR test around 6 weeks uptake rate
9.8 Proportion of PCR tests HIV positive for infants under two months of age/Baby tested PCR positive six weeks after birth as a proportion of babies tested at six weeks

10 Chronic Care / Mental Health

10.1 Hypertension detection rate
10.2 Mental health case load

11 Burden of disease

Section B: National, Province and District Profiles

Map of 52 districts in South Africa as per 2011 demarcation

12 South Africa

13 Eastern Cape Province

14 Free State Province

15 Gauteng Province

16 KwaZulu-Natal Province

17 Limpopo Province

18 Mpumalanga Province

19 Northern Cape Province

20 North West Province

21 Western Cape Province

Definitions and Sources

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