District Health Barometer 2015/16

Naomi Massyn, Nazia Peer, René English, Ashnie Padarath, Peter Barron, Candy Day
Publication Year: 
South Africa
Published by: 
Health Systems Trust

The District Health Barometer 2015/16, now in its 11th edition, seeks to highlight, health system performance, inequities in health outcomes, and health-resource allocation and delivery, and to track the efficiency of healthcare delivery processes across all provinces and districts in South Africa. Over the years, the DHB has become an important planning and management resource for health service providers, managers, researchers and policy-makers.


This year, the DHB contains 44 indicators, with trend illustrations and health profiles across South Africa’s nine provinces and 52 health districts. It also includes a chapter on the burden of disease, as well as seven additional indicators, as follows:

  • Inpatient under 5 years death rate
  • Percentage of Ideal Clinics
  • Percentage of assessed PHC facilities with patients who have access to a medical practitioner
  • MDR-TB treatment success rate
  • Diabetes incidence
  • Percentage of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests positive within six days (replacing the ‘Infant first PCR test positive around six weeks rate’)
  • HIV PCR birth testing coverage (replacing ‘Infant first PCR test around six weeks uptake rate’).

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Definitions and Sources

Authors and Acknowledgements

List of Abbreviations

Foreword, Introduction and Overview



Section A: Indicator Comparisons per programme

1 Finance

2 Management PHC

3 Management inpatients

4 Delivery

5 PMTCT Indicators

6 Child health

7 Immunisation

8 Reproductive Health

9 Tuberculosis

10 HIV

11 Non-communicable Diseases

12 Burden of disease

Section B: National and District Profiles

 13 South Africa

 14 Eastern Cape Province

 15 Free State Province

 16 Gauteng Province

 17 KwaZulu-Natal Province

 18 Limpopo Province

 19 Mpumalanga Province

 20 Northern Cape Province

 21 North West Province

 22 Western Cape Province