HST Kwik Skwiz Collection

is a brief designed for busy health service managers and health workers. It aims to keep you informed and to share lessons and experiences on public health across South Africa.
Volume: 1
Issue Title Publication Year
01 First six month review 1997
02 Budgeting as a district management tool 1997
03 A district communication strategy for health 1997
04 Training for rational drug use 1997
05 Setting up a district management team: lessons from Impendle/Pholela/Underberg 1997
06 Transport management: A key component of effective health care 1997
07 Strengthening community participation: Lessons from the Bergville district 1998
08 Short courses for nurses: A half-baked response to complex training needs? 1998
09 The role of the District office in the DHS 1998
10 Tackling TB in Benede Oranje Region 1998
11 Health Promotion in a Rural Health District, Making it More Effective and Efficient 1998
12 Administration in the Health District 1998
13 Using stock cards to Improve Drug Management 1998
14 How 'programmes' can support the development of districts 1998
15 Supporting staff through effective supervision: How to assess, plan and implement more effective clinic supervision 1999
16 The WHO Ten Steps - The Way Forward for Improved Care of Severe Malnutrition 1999
17 The Registry at District Level - A vital part of administration in the Health District 1999
18 Local Government Transformation - A guide for health workers 1999
19 Collecting and using Drug Use Indicators in Districts 1999
20 Cross Site Visits 1999
21 Can managing district services be separated from managing its finances? 1999
22 Improving growth monitoring and promotion in PHC clinics: Lessons from the Mount Frere Health District 1999
23 Oral Rehydration Therapy Corners and the Management of Diarrhoeal illness in children 1998
24 An efficient secretary for a well-functioning district office 1999
25 How to Monitor and Address Absenteeism in District Hospitals 2000
26 The Story of Integration in the Brakpan District 2000
27 A Barometer of District Hospital Management 2000
28 Meetings and Minutes - Making them more effective 2001
29 4 Key Components of a Successful Perinatal Audit 2001
Volume: 2
Issue Title Publication Year
01 The 10 Point Plan 2010
02 A Brief Summary of the Strategic Plan for Maternal, Newborn, Child and Women’s Health (MNCWH) and Nutrition in South Africa 2012 – 2016 2012
03 A Summary of the National Strategic Plan on HIV, STIs and TB 2012 - 2016 2012
04 Changes to South African Antiretroviral Treatment Guidelines 2012 2012
Volume: 3
Issue Title Publication Year
01 Health Policy and Legislation 2015
02 The eHealth Strategy for South Africa 2012-2016: how far are we? 2015
03 Recent developments in ensuring quality of care in health establishments in South Africa 2015
04 Innovations in primary health care: considerations for National Health Insurance 2015
05 District Clinical Specialist Teams 2015
06 School health in South Africa: reflections on the past and prospects for the future 2015
07 Progress in the establishment of Ward-based Outreach Teams: experiences in the North West Province 2015
08 Challenges and constraints at district management level 2015
09 National Health Insurance and South Africa’s private sector 2015
10 Environmental health in South Africa 2015
11 Cervical cancer in South Africa: challenges and opportunities 2015
12 Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision in South Africa: challenges and opportunities 2015
13 Knowing our TB epidemic: key challenges facing the TB Programme in South Africa 2015
14 A review of TB in children and adolescents in South Africa 2008–2012 2015
15 The extent and impact of TB drug stock-outs 2015
16 Lean management in the South African public health sector: A case study 2015
Volume: 4
Issue Title Publication Year
01 Health Policy and Legislation 2015
02 The Ideal Clinic in South Africa: Planning for implementation 2015
03 eHealth Programme reference implementation in primary health care facilities 2015
04 Understanding roles, enablers and challenges of District Clinical Specialist Teams in strengthening primary health care in South Africa 2015
05 Decentralisation in South Africa: Options for District Health Authorities in South Africa 2015
06 Task-shifting psychosocial interventions in public mental health: A review of the evidence in the South African context 2015
07 Disability and rehabilitation: Essential considerations for equitable, accessible and poverty-reducing health care in South Africa 2015
08 Developing an approach to accounting for need in resource allocation between urban and rural district hospitals in South Africa 2015
09 A profession in peril? Revitalising nursing in South Africa 2015
10 Frontline managers matter: Wellness for Effective Leadership 2015
11 Operational health service management: Understanding the role of information in decision-making 2015
12 Re-imagining community participation at the district level: Lessons from the DIALHS collaboration 2015
13 Analysing the structure and nature of medical scheme benefit design in South Africa 2015
14 A model of care for the rehabilitation of people living with HIV in a semi-rural South African setting 2015
15 Health and Related Indicators 2015