South African Health Review 2003/04

Ijumba, P, Day C, Ntuli A [eds]
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South African Health Review
South Africa
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Health Systems Trust

The promotion of equity in health is one of the basic ideologies underlying South African health policy. Therefore, it is befitting after ten years of democracy to gauge how far the health system has moved towards providing equitable health services to all citizens is concerned. This 2003/04 SAHR, the 9th edition, consists of an overview and 24 chapters, each describing a key health concern. Unlike many of the previous Reviews, this year's is data driven. It uses different sources of information to measure and assess the health and well-being of South Africans quantitatively. An overview of the key achievements and challenges is given in the chapter Ten years on have we got what we ordered?

Table of contents
Chapter 1:Ten Years On - Have we got what we ordered?
Author/s: Antoinette Ntuli and Candy Day
Policy and Information Framework
Chapter 2: Health Legislation 1994 - 2003
Author/s: Lisa Forman, Yogan Pillay and Lynette Sait
Keith Wimble
Chapter 3: Monitoring Hospital Care: Development and use of indictors in hospital service management
Author/s: Andrew Burn and Gugu Shongwe
Trends in the Well-being of South Africans
Chapter 4: Health Status
Author/s: Debbie Bradshaw and Nadine Nannan
Molefi Sefularo

Chapter 5: Reproductive Health
Author/s: Jenni Smit, Mags Beksinska, Arthi Ramkissoon, Busi Kunene and Loveday Penn-Kekana

Chapter 6: STI Baseline Survey - STI Indicator Information from the National Baseline Assessment of STI and HIV services in SA public sector health facilities
Author/s: Arthi Ramkissoon, Immo Kleinschmidt, Mags Beksinska, Jenni Smit, Jabu Hlazo and Zonke Mabude
Chapter 7: Maternal Health
Author/s: Robert Pattinson

Chapter 8: Child Health
Author/s: Geoff Solarsh and Ameena Goga

Craig Househam
Chapter 9: Youth Risk Behaviour
Author/s: Rakshika Bhana
Chapter 10: Trends in Youth Risk for HIV
Author/s: Debbie Bradshaw, Audrey Pettifor, Catherine MacPhail and Rob Dorrington
Chapter 11:Health of Older Persons
Author/s: Jane Joubert and Debbie Bradshaw
Chapter 12: Disability and Disablement
Author/s: Pam McLaren, Geoff Solarsh and Gillian Saloojee
Chapter 13: Chronic Diseases
Author/s: Priscilla Reddy
Infectious Diseases
Chapter 14:HIV/AIDS
Author/s: Tanya Doherty and Mark Colvin
Nono Simelela
Chapter 15: Tuberculosis
Author/s: Lesley Bamford, Marian Loveday and Sabine Verkuijl
Chapter 16: Sexually Transmitted Infections - Routine Monitoring and Clinical Sentinel Surveillance
Author/s: Itumeleng Funani, Rita Sonko, Eva Marumo, Simeon Odugwu and Christoph Hamelmann
Kerry Cullinan
Chapter 17: Malaria
Author/s: Devanand Moonasar, Caron Lisa Johnson, Bonnie Maloba, Philip Kruger, Kobus le Grange, Jotham Mthembu and Jan van den Ende
Chapter 18: Cholera
Author/s: Leonard Mudzanani, Matsie Ratsaka-Mathokoa, Lusanda Mahlasela, Pakiso Netshidzivhani and Charles Mugero
Chapter 19: SARS: Forewarned, Forearmed
Author/s: Joris Vandelanotte and Steven Donohue
Health Services
Chapter 20: Health Care Financing
Author/s: Mark Blecher and Stephen Thomas
Ian Couper
Chapter 21: Medical Schemes
Author/s: Stephen Harrison
Chapter 22: Human Resources
Author/s: Ashnie Padarath, Antoinette Ntuli and Lee Berthiaume
Susan Goldstein and Shereen Usdin
Chapter 23: Access to Antiretroviral Therapy
Author/s: Petrida Ijumba, Colwyn Poole, Gavin George and Andy Gray
Chapter 24: Facilities Survey 2003 - Selected findings from the fourth national survey of primary health care facilities
Author/s: Candy Day, Gavin Reagon, James Irlam and Jonathan Levin
Chapter 25: Health Indicators
Author/s: Candy Day and Calle Hedberg
Extra information: Health Information Systems and Detailed Indicator Tables
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