South African Health Review 2005

Ijumba, Petrida & Barron, Peter [eds]
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South African Health Review
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Health Systems Trust

This, the 10th edition of the South African Health Review, has the major theme of Human Resources for Health (HRH). South Africa has made significant progress in producing policies supportive of a good quality of health for all residents. However, there are challenges and gaps in translating these policies into action. Probably the most important of these challenges is the lack of adequate human resources.

Table of Contents:

Cover, Foreword, Contents, Acknowledgements, Preface

Cross Cutting Health Systems Issues

Chapter 1: Strategic Priorities for the National Health System (2004-2009) contributions towards building a model development state in South Africa
Author/s: Gail Andrews and Yogan Pillay

Chapter 2: Health Legislation
Author/s: Andy Gray, Michelle Govender, Tanuja Gengiah and Jerome Singh

Chapter 3: The Private Health Sector
Author/s: Natalie Leon and Ray Mabope

Chapter 4: The Health Act and the District Health System
Author/s: Wendy Hall, Thando Ford-Ngomane and Peter Barron

Chapter 5: Financing Antiretroviral Treatment and Primary Health Care Services
Author/s: Susan Cleary, Okore Okorafor, Wezile Chitha, Andrew Boulle and Siybonga Jikwana

Human Resources

Chapter 6: Human Resources: International Context
Aurthor/s: David Sanders and Bridget Lloyd

Chapter 7: The Nursing Profession: production of nurses and proposed scope of practise
Author/s: Hasina Subedar

Voice of a nurse: Staff Nurse Sibonelo Cele of Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, north of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Aurthor/s: Kerry Cullinan

Chapter 8: Human Resources Policies: health sector reform and management of PHC
Author/s: Nzapfurundi Chabikuli, Duane Blaauw, Lucy Gilson and Helen Schneider

Voice of a nurse: Sister Jaconuum Cupido of Springbok Clinic, Northern Cape
Author/s: Anso Thom

Chapter 9: Human Resources: District Hospitals
Author/s: Ian Couper, Marietjie de Villiers and Nontsikelelo Sondzaba

Voice of a doctor: Will Mapham of Madweleni, Mbashe District, Eastern Cape 
Author/s: Anso Thom

Chapter 10: Building the Skills Base to Implement the District Health System
Author/s: Uta Lehmann and Nonhlanhla Makhanya

Voice of an Environmental Officer: Sanjay Erra of eThekwini municipality, KwaZulu Natal
Author/s: Kerry Cullinan

Chapter 11: Mid-level Health Workers in South Africa: not an easy option
Author/s: Jannie Hugo

Voice of a nursing sister: Gugu Majola of Gateway Clinic at St Theresa's Hospital in Mount Frere, Eastern Cape
Author/s: Kerry Cullinan

Chapter 12: The Pharmacist's Assistant: a case study of a mid-level worker option
Author/s: Andy Gray, Tanuja Gengiah and Panjasaram Naidoo

Voice of a pharmacist: Ruth Ngbokota of Michael Mapongwana Day Hospital in Khayelitsha, Western Cape
Author/s: Anso Thom

Chapter 13: CHWs and Community Caregivers: towards a unified model of practise
Author/s: Irwin Friedman

Chapter 14: Information for Human Resource Management
Author/s: Verona Mathews


Chapter 15: Confronting HIV and AIDS through Mass Media and Community Action
Author/s: Jo-Anne Collinge

Chapter 16: Operational Plan: implementation of the antiretroviral therapy component
Author/s: Rob Stewart and Marian Loveday


Chapter 17: Health and Related Indicators
Author/s: Candy Day and Andy Gray




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