South African Health Review 2006

Ijumba P, Padarath A [eds]
Publication Year: 
South Africa
Published by: 
Health Systems Trust

An important purpose of the South African Health Review (SAHR) is to serve as a knowledge resource on the development of the national health system, and to contribute to the assessment of the implementation of health policies. The Review seeks to reflect on achievements made and challenges and gaps that impact on the transformation and strengthening of the South African health system. In 1996, the SAHR posed the question: What has changed for the poor, rural woman or child who presents to the clinic? Ten years on, this 2006 Review attempts to answer that question in some depth with a specific focus on Maternal, Child and Women's Health.

Table of Contents

Forword, Contents, Acknowledgements, Preface

Core Health Issues
1 Health Legislation and Policy
2 The GATS and South Africa's National Health Act
3 Health Care Financing
4 Health Management Information Systems
5 HIV and Tuberculosis Treatment Update
6 Community Participation in HIV and ARV Services

Maternal, Child and Women's Health: General
7 The context of Maternal and Child Health
8 Mortality and Morbidity Among Women and Children
9 The Impact of Male Sexuality on Women's and Children's Health

Child Health
10 Consent Laws Influencing Children's Access to Health Care Services
11 Key Childhood Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programmes
12 Child Nutrition
13 HIV and Infant Feeding
14 Management of HIV-Infected Children
15 Chronic Conditions in Children
16 Vulnerability of Children with Disability - The impact of Current Policy and Legislation
17 The Health of Older Children in a School Setting

Women's Health
18 Maternal Care: Antenatal, peri and postnatal
19 Options for Hiv-Positive Women
20 Prevention of Cervical Cancer
21 Women's Mental Health in South Africa

22 Health and Related Indicators


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