South African Health Review 2008

Barron P [ed]
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Roma-Reardon J [ed]
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South African Health Review
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Health Systems Trust

The theme of this 13th edition of the Review, launched in December 2008, is Primary Health Care in South Africa: A review of 30 years since Alma Ata. The SAHR 2008 chapters focus on critical issues in Primary Health Care. The Review includes a national and international perspective of Primary Health Care, and focuses on areas such as policy and legislation, determinants of health, lifestyle, infectious diseases, mental health, maternal and child health, nutrition and environmental health. The SAHR reviews issues around human resources, finance, and information. It also looks at research on health systems, the role of the private and non-governmental organisations in Primary Health Care, and ends with the relevant health and related indicators chapter.

Full SAHR 2008 [pdf 10.3MB]

Foreword [pdf 833Kb]
Contents and Acknowledgements [pdf 460Kb]
Editorial [pdf 509Kb]

Primary Health Care: In Context
1 International Perspective on Primary Health Care Over the Past 30 Years [pdf 599Kb]
2 A Perspective on Primary Health Care in South Africa [pdf 570Kb]
3 Health Legislation and Policy [pdf 616Kb]
4 Determinants of Health and their Trends [pdf 311Kb]

Primary Health Care: Programme Areas
5 Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases [pdf 637Kb]
6 STIs, HIV and AIDS and TB: Progress and Challenges [pdf 624Kb]
7 Community Access to Mental Health Services: Lessons and Recommendations [pdf 541Kb]
8 Maternal, Newborn and Child Health: 30 Years On [pdf 595Kb]
9 Nutrition: A Primary Health Care Perspective [pdf 668Kb]
10 Developments in Environmental Health [pdf 1.32Mb]

Primary Health Care: Systems Support
11 Strengthening Human Resources for Primary Health Care [pdf 676Kb]
12 Primary Health Care Financing in the Public Sector [pdf 614Kb]
13 Information for Primary Health Care [pdf 629Kb]
14 A Review of Health Research in South Africa from 1994 to 2007 [pdf 600Kb]
15 The Role of Private and Other Non-Governmental Organisations in Primary Health Care [pdf 590Kb]

16 Health and Related Indicators [pdf 5.88Mb]

Glossary [pdf 62Kb]
Index [pdf 60Kb]

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