South African Health Review 2010

Padarath A, Fonn S [eds]
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South African Health Review
South Africa
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Health Systems Trust

The 2010 edition of the SAHR focuses on two main issues: Reflections on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Perspectives on a National Health Insurance (NHI) for South Africa. As is customary, the Review ends with the Indicators section which provides a range of indicators relevant to the MDGs and NHI. In the section on the MDGs, a series of overview chapters on selected MDGs are presented. These overview chapters are accompanied by companion chapters or profiles which illustrate examples of successful methods or case studies in achieving the MDGs. The profiles also highlight problems and issues in relation to either achieving the MDG or measuring the related indicators.

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Beginning (Foreword, Contents, Acknowledgement, Editorial, Open Letter)

Reflections on the Millennium Development Goals
1 Maternal Health
2 How Health Systems Investments can Improve Reproductive Health Services: The Case of Tamil Nadu
3 Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
4 Women and Sexual Violence
5 Child Mortality in South Africa: Using Existing Data
6 Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival: Data Challenges
7 Education: Meeting the MDGs is not enough
8 Building Citizenry: The Soul Buddyz Club
9 A Review of Progress on HIV, AIDS and Tuberculosis
10 The Cycle of Poverty, Hunger and Ill-health
11 The Impact of Global Health Initiatives on Access to Antiretroviral Therapy in South Africa
12 Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change and Health
13 Public Health Implications of Greywater Generation in South Africa: Testing a Greywater Treatment Model
14 Health Legislation and Policy: Context, Process and Progress

Perspectives on a National Health Insurance
15 National Health Insurance: Providing a vocabulary for public engagement
16 A Financial Feasibility Review of National health Insurance Proposals for South Africa
17 Human Resource Requirements for National Health Insurance
18 Private Sector Perspectives on National Health Insurance
19 Improving the Performance of the Health System
20 National Health Insurance: Legal and Civil Society Considerations

21 Health and Related Indicators